Weekly Insight: Nothing Is Beyond God’s Touch

Our red wallIt’s been a week of much spiritual activity. Some through scheduled videos on the internet, some through words said at a weekly prayer meeting, and some through insights gained through personal experience.

Truthfully, too much to absorb and too much to share. Identifying and receiving truth is only a beginning. I need to let God work it into the fabric of life before I can write about it. Revelation needs time to take root.

But I can write about our wall. And even make a spiritual application if I try hard enough.

In our living room, the dry-wall tape in a corner was separating almost imperceptibly. We live in a condo with three wings, and Ken says the individual buildings are settling slightly. A fine white line marred the deep red color of one wall—not a lot, but after I  noticed it, I couldn’t see anything else.

We felt touching-up with leftover paint would show—the fresh paint would be too bright or too light or too dark or too something. All paints used to be that way and we assumed that red, even with today’s new-and-improved products, would be problematic.

One possibility was covering with a light green to match the nearby den, but our shade of green is no longer the latest color, either. When Ken mentioned it would probably require three coats, I was discouraged.

One day, while praying about something totally unrelated, it occurred to me that we should at least try to touch up the red. That wouldn’t be a huge job—and if  didn’t cover,  no great loss.

Ken agreed.

Yesterday he brought up the ladder along with paper to cover the floor, and he stirred the paint. Then I used the smallest brush from a children’s watercolor set to do the job—because I’m our touchup artist.

When I smeared red on the yellow wall via my pinkie before I was properly started, he rubbed it off before retiring to his chair until it was safe to come out.

Meanwhile, I grew excited. Within ten minutes I decided it might work. Half an hour later I was done. An hour after that we declared the problem solved.  If I could, I’d have jumped and kicked my heels

Here’s our wall. For us, the deep red is more dramatic than anything we’ve had in the past, and I’m still happy with it after eight years.

The spiritual application?

Don’t ignore stray thoughts that come during prayer time.


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