Focused Rambling: Shouting God -Songs

All God's creation singsYou probably know the Bible tells us to: Clap your hands, all peoples! Shout to the God with loud songs of joy!” (Ps. 47:1b ESV—English Standard Version)

The King James Versiontranslates the second half of this verse as, shout unto God with the voice of triumph. We’ve probably all heard that phrase in a sermon or maybe even a song. My point is that the focus in the KJV is shouting loudly, not singing.

The New International and Amplified versions read, shout to the Lord with cries of joy. And the New Living Translation reads Shout to God with joyful praise.

So I researched as well as I could, using Strong’s Concise Concordance, and discovered that, indeed, singing is implied in the original text. Not only is “song” one of the possible translations for the word translated “voice”—but the word translated “triumph” includes “singing” as one of the meanings.

All this additional insight just because I used a different translation.

I purchased my ESV bible some time ago because it is red.

I know. Not the best of reasons.

But red is my favorite color.

All the same, transferring to a new Bible—especially if it is a new translation—is a major move. I didn’t begin using it consistently until about six months ago.

Now I love it.

But I’m digressing. Today I’m grateful for the many translations of the Bible because God used a new version to let me know He values loud songs—songs balancing on the edge of becoming shouts.

Let me tell you, there have been times when I could hardly contain the songs I felt inside. That’s why I love driving the car through open country by myself. I can sing at the top of my lungs without worrying about how I sound.

I don’t drive that much by myself these days—at least not out-of-town. And singing loudly in town doesn’t seem private enough.

But this verse—in the English Standard Version—urges me to sing loudly—really loudly. I feel there will be victory in the spirit realm if I do. I’m excited about the possibility and hope I don’t scare our neighbors—and that Ken will tolerate my efforts.

(Break!!!!—not too long, but long enough to shout and then sing loudly while marching—or perhaps walking is a better description—down our hallway and back to my desk.)

Here’s the kicker. I know my marching looks more like walking than marching. It only feels like marching on my inside. And my singing? Well, I’ve had a bit of prednisone over the years—and was recently on a short-term dose. Prednisone affects vocal chords. Singing loudly means lots of cracks and breaks.

But I swallowed my pride and did it.

Here’s another detail. I initiated the march-with-song because I wanted to offer it as a sacraifice of praise, a prayer of sorts. I was so self-conscious that all I managed was the outward act. Maybe tomorrow or the next day I’ll try again and get beyond myself and enter the spirit realm.

But perhaps I entered the spirit realm today. I feel light. The effort with all it’s limitations was somehow liberating.

And now I’ll share Psalm 47:1 from The Message (a contemporary paraphrase version):

Applause, everyone. Bravo, bravissimo! Shout God-songs at the top of your lungs!

Try it! You might even like it!



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