Weekly Insight: Creativity in a Garden

In the beginning, God created…. (Gen. 1:1)

Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.” (Gen. 1:36)

So, if God is the creator, and if we’re created in His image, we can conclude that we have the ability to create!

This week, Ken and I visited my brother and his wife.

It was a good trip and a hard trip because he is not well. And that means she also faces major difficulties. But we so enjoyed viewing Betty’s beautiful garden—watching birds visit the feeders and birdbaths. And, of course, the glorious array of flowers.

Because we did quite a bit of driving and because we used up quite a bit of emotional energy, I’m posting something simple.

But there is a theme. And I’ve already clearly laid it out. It’s this: We’re created in God’s image and He is a creator. So we are creative beings.

Every single person who has lived, or who is living, or who will live, is creative because we are all created in God’s image.

Yes, we’re created to create.

Creativity has many forms. Over the years I learned to create by preparing meals, sewing clothes, keeping up a home, etc. Then I learned to write news articles, write papers about literature, and eventually write lesson plans.

Other people create things beyond my scope. They might design machines or, equally important, make repairs necessary to keep them running. When I kept having trouble connecting to the internet, Ken discovered I could press a single key to solve the problem. Talk about creativity! The possibilities are endless—and they impact every activity of life.

To relate this focus on creativity to our week, let me explain that our sister-in-law Betty is creative in ways I can only admire from a distance. She’s painted pictures. And I think some of the photographs she’s taken of her grandchildren rival those of professionals.

And Betty creates gardens.

I’m drawn to gardens because they offer color and beauty. Compared to Betty’s perspective, that’s a limited viewpoint. She chooses varieties she finds interesting. And she works with our master creator—the first gardener. Her flowers are more than window dressing—although they serve that function well.

But the purpose of this post is not applauding Betty’s talents—remarkable as they are. Rather, it’s an invitation to think a bit about creativity in general—

And your personal creativity in particular.

Have you thought about your ability to create? Thought deeply about desires and how to fulfill them? Have you discovered creative potential that surprised you?

I don’t think anyone ever explores all God has placed within them, so even if you are finding creative outlets, be open to explore new avenues of expression. We just don’t know all God might have for us down the road.


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