Gleanings: Ruth 8, Listening to the Teacher

When Ruth entered the fields to glean, interesting and unusual events worked together. Ruth must have realized something was afoot, but she was unfamiliar with the culture of Bethlehem. She didn’t know anything about a kinsman-redeemer or how he could change her life. And so she meets Boaz with no hidden agenda. She simply appreciates his intervention when he offers fresh water and protection as she labored in the fields.

Naomi, on the other hand, is familiar with the provision for marriages within the Hebrew culture. But when she becomes Ruth’s teacher, she doesn’t tell Ruth too much. She offers simple advice that supports the young widow’s personality and character. In that role, she becomes a metaphor for the Holy Spirit who leads and guides us, not usually with full disclosure, but with enough to support us as we draw near to our Savior.


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