Gleanings: Ruth 10, To Wash, to Annoint, and to Put on a Cloak

This post focuses on one verse, Ruth 3:3. Naomi, the one who knows, offers instructions to Ruth when the young woman prepares to meet Boaz. Because the meeting could be life-changing for all three parties, every detail is important. Naomi even tells Ruth what she must do before she leaves their home. She must wash herself, anoint herself, and put on her cloak or new clothing.

These would be normal preparations today, but they would have required major effort in Ruth’s time. Each offers obvious physical benefits. But they also represent spiritual realities, because each uniquely prepared Ruth to meet the challenge before her.

Because some might wonder if putting on new clothing could actually refer to a spiritual truth, I included additional Scripture references: Zechariah 3 and Ephesians 4:22-24. You might also appreciate Job 29:14  and Colosians 3:12-16.


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