About Me

First, my most significant earthly reality: I’m the wife of Ken (for over 53 years). We’re parents of four adult children, all married to beautiful spouses, and we have seven incredible grandchildren ranging in age from 3 to 21. (You wouldn’t expect an unbiased report, would you?) We decided one day that it’s been worth every trial just because of our progeny, but we’d also argue there have been other victories along the way.

I’ve been a jack-of-all trades through the years if the the occasion demanded it—typist (there really was such a job), sales clerk, furniture sales person, nurse’s aide (that was my title), medical receptionist, and secretary. Then I had a stint as a free lance writer for a regional agricultural journal, earned a few degrees, and along the way served as an adjunct English instructor at our local junior college.

Meanwhile, I was involved in numerous ministry activities—Sunday-School and Vacation Bible School teacher, prayer leader, worship leader, etc. I published a quarterly tabloid-size newspaper insert with a Christian slant. Five issues before Ken and I retired.

But none of those define me.

What does?

An encounter with Jesus when I was a young mother. Although I grew up in a Christian home, faith didn’t take root until I read the Bible for myself.

Even then, I didn’t immediately understand that walking with God is more than accepting doctrines or truths followed by automatic blessings. I had to learn that faith is a dynamic relationship with Him. And He never stops challenging. Life with Him never becomes boring.

Jesus is the key.

Jesus is powerful enough to transform cultures from within without destroying them. But He desires loving relationship with people as individuals. And I’m convinced it’s time for the people who live in relationship with Him to rise up and tell the world that He is alive—that He makes a difference.

Jesus is real. He’s on our side. He wants us to succeed in life.

Is there any message so far-fetched? Or more important?

About this Blog

I remember thinking—when desperately searching for faith—that if Jesus really did come to earth to pay the penalty for sin, He isn’t just a god. He’s GOD. And He’d do things only the real GOD does. If not, why bother?

Time has taught me He does do things only the real GOD does. But He’s never done. He always wants to do more.

So this blog is about Jesus as the real GOD who continually makes a difference because He reveals Himself and enters into our human experience.

On or around Monday I’ll post Gleanings. These will be short videos based on Scripture passages; most will be part of a series.

On or around Friday, a Weekly Insight. These will usually be brief, about something learned or experienced during the week—perhaps through reading Scripture or reading a book. Perhaps through an event or answered prayer. Or perhaps through a God-moment when He opens my heart to receive Him.

And on or around Wednesday, if I feel I have something additional to share, Focused Ramblings. This will include anything that doesn’t fit into the other two categories.

I totally get that few people my age spend a great deal of time on the internet; to find readers I will need to reach across generational gaps. This venture is, indeed, a long shot. But somehow, that doesn’t seem to matter. If God is in this, He’ll accomplish whatever He wants to accomplish. Even if it’s only in me.

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